Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Small Exchange

Salutations. Welcome to the Guild Hall. Today we are entertaining a visitor from the far off eastern realm of Aziana. The little botanist brought some rare foreign plants and herbs with her to trade for some of our indigenous flora. This is a great boon to the Crafters Guild as our stocks were running low on these exotic plants. With the cherry blossoms alone we would be able to make numerous tonics and elixirs.

This week the theme at Wicked Wednesday is Cherry Blossoms. Make an ATC following this theme for a chance to win a prize from our sponsor, Lacy Sunshine.

This ATC will blossom in the following challenges:

As I began separating the newly acquired plants into jars and labeling them, the Lady Commander of Copics and Guardian of Glitter introduced our small foreign friend to the joys of Mario Party. It was going to be a long night of giggles.

~ Guild Master Crystal

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spring into Action

As the days grow longer, the weather has become increasingly more pleasant. As I was putzing around the Guild Hall grounds, trying to get things cleaned up after the melt I noticed some geese flying overhead, returning from their trip to the south. The biggest sign that Spring was on the way however, was when I spotted a pink flower fairy fluttering around the garden, gracefully planting seeds that would bloom into a rainbow of colour in a couple months.

This week the theme at Wicked Wednesday is Spring is in the Air. Make an ATC with a springy theme for a chance to win a prize from our sponsors, A Day For Daisies and Nana Vic’s Digitals.

For my first ATC I used an image from Nana Vic’s Digitals. I coloured it using Prismacolor pencils and inked the edges with Distress Ink. The sentiment was stamped with the Crafty Secrets “Couple of Cuties” set.

This ATC will cheep into the following challenges:

For my second ATC I used the A Day For Daisies “Curly Flower Fairy” image and coloured it using Prismacolor pencils. The leafy things I stamped using the Lawn Fawn “Critters Down Under” set. I then cast a sparkle spell using my Wink of Stella wand to add some glitter to the leaves and the fairies wings.

Click to en-biggen and see the sparkley spell.
This ATC will spring into the following challenges:

~ Guild Master Crystal

Thursday, 12 March 2015

A Splattering of Green

Today the Lady Commander of Copics decided to remodel the crafting chambers, wanting to paint the walls a greenish hue. She was soon bored with the manual labour though and attempted to use a spell to expedite the process. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been allotting enough XP points in her willpower slot, and the spell went awry, splattering the walls and all the lab equipment.

This week the theme at Wicked Wednesday is to go green. Make an ATC with the majority of it being green or go for a recycling theme for a chance to win a prize from our sponsor, Oddball Art Co.

I started this ATC by inking the splotches using the Tim Holtz “Splatters” stencil. I then coloured the Oddball Art image using Prismacolor pencils.

This ATC will be green with envy in the following challenges:

Although it wasn’t her original plan, I rather liked the abstract look of the splattered green paint and decided to keep it. Except on the lab equipment and gear...that she had to clean up.

~ Guild Master Crystal

Friday, 6 March 2015

Rockabilly Rumble

Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I were going about our business, dungeon crawling and gathering loot, when we came across what appeared to be a secret passage in the caves we were exploring. Pushing aside a massive boulder, we slipped through the crack in the wall. We had to shimmy sideways to squeeze through the narrow passageway and were grateful when we emerged in a large cavern. The ground was thick with spongy grass and massive trees with colourful flowers filled the area. Before we could attempt to look around, a small, harsh looking fairy fluttered up to us.
“Where’d you come from?” she spat, brushing a piece of pink hair out of her eyes. “Outsiders aren’t welcome here.”

This week the theme at Wicked Wednesday is to use at least three things off the provided list. Make an ATC and be sure the mention in your post which three items you used for a chance to win a prize from our sponsor, Enchanted Design Studio.

For my ATC I used: wings, gems, lots of pink, and added some paint. I started by colouring the Enchanted Design Studio image using Prismacolor pencils, adding some glossy accents to her lips. The background I painted using some airbrushing paint which is super thin and easy to work with. I like using this paint because it’s pretty shiny when the light hits it the right way.

This ATC will be bold in the following challenges:

Behind the pink-haired fairy rose an army of fae holding spears, the beating of their wings sounding a war cry.
“I think we took a wrong turn back there,” the Lady Commander muttered.
“Indeed,” I said, drawing my sword. “But now that we’re here, let us see what treasure these fairies are protecting.”

~ Guild Master Crystal

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fields of Danger

Greetings. Thank you for stopping by the Guild Hall. Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I received a raven from the three pigs of Glendore. It seemed they were having some issues with werewolves ransacking their farm. As tonight was to be a full moon, we decided to head to the pig’s pasture in Glendore and set up a defensive perimeter.

This week the theme at Wicked Wednesday is “Cute Creatures”. Make an ATC with some cuties on it for a chance to win a prize from our sponsor, 2CuteInk.

I started this ATC by colouring the 2CuteInk image using Prismacolor pencils and fussy cutting it out, earning +120 XP in wielding my blade and leveling up! The barn I stamped and paper pieced using the Lawn Fawn “Critters on the Farm” set. The sentiment was stamped using the There She Goes “Poultry in Motion” set.

This ATC will mosey into the following challenges:

As darkness fell and the moon rose high, spilling its silvery light across Glendore’s fields, we could hear the distant howling of the werewolves. The three pigs were squealing in fright and retreated to the safety of their brick farmhouse whilst the Lady Commander and I stood our ground, ready to battle the vicious wolves and save the farm.

~ Guild Master Crystal

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Here Fishy, Fishy!

Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I went to the small fishing village of Ryba. It was their annual Catch n’ Release tournament with big prizes on the line. Not one to pass up the opportunity for free loot, I had entered my sister and I in the competition.  

This week the theme at Wicked Wednesday is “Fishing Fun”. Make an ATC with this theme for a chance to win a prize from our sponsor, Squigglefly.

This ATC will flounder in the following challenges:

It turns out, two crafty adventurers stand no chance against the villagers who make their livelihood fishing. We did get some nice parting gifts though...a new rod and some fishing line. Perhaps this would come in handy at a future juncture...or maybe I could somehow fashion it into a weapon of sorts...

~ Guild Master Crystal

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Gone Glimmer

Tonight the Guardian of Glitter and I saddled up our mounts and set out to the aqua fields of Glimmer Gust. We rode in silence under the twinkling velvet sky until we reached the aqua sea of grass. Dismounting, I shouldered my satchel and set out, Nikki close behind. Suddenly I spotted what we had come for. Ahead of us, two fairies from rival clans were kissing, their wings shimmering in the moonlight.

This week the theme at Wicked Wednesday is “Bookworm or Things With Wings”. Make an ATC with this theme for a chance to win a prize from our sponsor, A & T Digital Designs.

I started this ATC by colouring the image using Prismacolor pencils and painstakingly cutting it out, which leveled up my blade wielding skill. I used my Wink of Stella pen on their wings to add some glitter….cuz...glitter. I heat embossed the stars in the background using a stamp from the Lawn Fawn “Critters Ever After” set. The sentiment was also stamped using that same set.

This ATC will flutter into the following challenges:

I cast a stealth spell and crept close to the fairies, open jar in hand. They were so wrapped up in each other, it was easy to scoop them into the glass container without a fuss. I looked up at the sky, stars scattered across it like diamonds.
“What have we done?” I whispered to the Guardian of Glitter, closing my eyes.
“What we must,” she replied.

~ Guild Master Crystal