Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A Fall Break

Normally I would regale you with a tale of the latest adventures of the Crafters Guild upon your visit to the Guild Hall. Today however we’ve been busy dealing with an injured direwolf and I barely had the time to inscribe this entry. So for now…

This week the theme at Wicked Wednesday is “Falling for Fall.” Make an ATC that goes with this theme for a chance to win a prize from our sponsor, Sami Stamps!
I started the ATC by colouring the image with Prismacolor pencils and cutting it out. I then got some fall looking background paper and cut it to size. I decided the paper when cut down to ATC size lost the fall feel, so I stamped some leaves using the Lawn Fawn “Critters in the Forest” set. The sentiment was stamped using the Lawn Fawn “Into the Woods” set.
After adhering the image I decided the ATC was still a little blah, so I used my clear Wink of Stella pen on the leaf for some added sparkle XP points.

This ATC will take a fall break in the following challenges:

Please visit again and things will have returned to their normal schedule. Rest assured, there will be a tale of adventure waiting here to entertain you.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Monday, 17 November 2014

Christmas!? Oh the Humanatee!!

Tonight as I was nestled deep within a pile of soft furs reading a novel, I overheard some of the house gnomes talking about the upcoming Winter Festival. Apparently there is a remote clan of house gnomes living across the Pearlescent Sea who believe that it is not a rotund human who distributes gifts, rather a large manatee goes home to home bringing presents. I questioned the logic in this, as manatees are aquatic creatures and would have trouble moving around on land.

This card was created for the Creative Card Crew “Stripes” challenge that is happening now. Make a project and include some stripes for a chance to win a prize from our sponsors!

Dies R Us
QKR Stampede
I started this card by colouring the QKR Stampede “Santa Manatee” image using Prismacolour pencils. I then added some sparkles to his hat using Ice Stickles.
I stamped the sentiment using the Lawn Fawn “Smitty’s ABC’s” set, earning me +267 wordsmith XP points, which will level up my charisma skill. A scattering of buttons and brads finished off the front of the card.

On the inside I stamped the two sentiments and the manatee image using some Unity stamps to create the punny sentiment. I realized after that I had used "Christmas" on both the front and the inside of the card, and generally try to not do that, but it was too late to change it. *insert sad face*

The envelope was stamped with a bunch of CTMH stamps to make it all puuurty.

This card will swim into the following challenges:

Olga, one of the house gnomes, said that the believers of the Christmas Manatee explained the logical flaws away with just “Christmas magic”. I suppose it’s really not all that different than flying reindeer.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Holly! It's a Resource Gathering Quest

Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I travelled to the far off village of Inkston where the annual Holly Festival was being held. We brought our bags-of-holding, intending to load them with the festive holiday plant. Inkston was crowded with people attending the festival, everyone hoping to snag the best of the holly harvest for their Winter Festival needs.

I started this card by colouring the Bugaboo “Ava Mistletoe Fairy” image using Prismacolor pencils and cutting her out. The sentiment was cut out using the Lawn Fawn “Finley’s ABC’s” die set and the snowflakes were cut with the Lawn Fawn “Stitched Snowflakes” set, earning me +88 cutty XP points. I cut them out of these old "thank you" cards that we had at work and were just going to be thrown away. They're really good for die cutting because they're super thick so the pieces are almost like die cut embellishments you'd buy! I added some shiny red brads over the berries in the picture to punch them up and make them more “berry-like”.

The inside sentiment was stamped using the There She Goes “Tis the Season” set. I stamped and die cut the holly using the Lawn Fawn “Joy to the Woods” set and its coordinating dies.

The envelope was stamped with the holly image from the Tim Holtz “Christmas Memories” set by colouring the stamp with Distress Markers to get the two different colours.

This card will have a holly jolly time in the following challenges:
Catch the Bug November Bingo Challenge: (use only two designer papers, bugaboo image, brads)

The Lady Commander and I filled our bags-of-holding to maximum capacity, using every inventory slot available. The festive plants would be used to decorate the Guild Hall and make some Christmasy potions for the upcoming season. I’m not sure what status effect they will induce, but there are sure to be sparkles involved.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Some Sweet Baking

Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I went to the market square in town as it was the annual village bake-off. There were so many delicious pastries on display, it was difficult to vote for only one. Most of the smallfolk seemed to be drawn towards the pies baked by a young lass from the far off town of Sweets-a-Lot.

This week the theme at Wicked Wednesday is “Something Sweet.” Make an ATC that goes with this theme for a chance to win a prize from our sponsor, A Random Fan!

I started this ATC by colouring the image using Prismacolour pencils. The background was inked with Distress Inks and then stamped with a little heart from Lawn Fawn.

This ATC will sweeten up the following challenges:

After spending the day sampling an abhorrent amount of baked goods, I’m fairly certain I am going to have to let out some of my tunics and armour pieces. Time to hit the training grounds!

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Skull Elf

Today I went north to see how the friendly moose was getting on with the rest of the reindeer team. I was pleased to see that he had progressed to the third level of training and was performing well. As I was preparing to take my leave of the North Pole, not wanting to get in the way of all the frantic preparations for the fast approaching Winter Festival, I noticed a small elf sulking against one of the giant candycanes growing out of the snow covered ground.
“Whatever is the matter,” I asked the sniffling girl.
“T-t-the other elves said I wasn’t a real Christmas elf,” she said, wiping at the tears that were streaming down her cheeks. 

This week the theme at Wicked Wednesday is “Skully Christmas.” Make an ATC that goes with this theme for a chance to win a prize from our sponsor, Oddball Art Co!

I started this ATC by colouring the image using Prismacolor pencils. I left them unblended so it has more of a sketchy look to it. The skulls were stamped using The Greeting Farm’s “Sweet & Toxic” set. I then stamped over top of them with some music notes using the Tim Holtz “Seasonal Reflections” set (kinda hard to see in the picture because I used a super light purple).

I stamped the snowflakes using Versamark ink and then heat embossed them with some super glittery silver embossing powder, earning me +555 sparkly XP points. This was the first time I’ve used this embossing powder and I was really impressed with it. It was really hard to photograph just how sparkly those snowflakes are.

This ATC will sparkle in the following challenges:

The crying elf was dressed in a purple and blue outfit, with black and white striped stockings. Little skulls were stitched on her tattered dress - not your typical Christmas elf garb. I still found it hard to believe that they would treat her so, based solely on her untraditional outfit.
“Why do the other elves tease you,” I inquired.
The girl sniffed and looked up at me. “I think it’s because of this,” she said.
Before I could ask what she meant, she scrunched her eyes closed and two floating skulls materialized beside her. When she opened her eyes the two skulls started circling the elf.
I became very excited! I didn’t think there were any more Skull Elves left as their clan had been slaughtered to near extinction many many years ago.
“Your comrades are correct, lass. You are not a Christmas elf,” I said, placing my hand on the girl’s shoulder. She opened her mouth to protest, but I continued, “You are a Skull Elf. Part of an ancient and thought to be extinct clan.”
The young elf agreed to leave the North Pole and accompany me back to the Guild Hall where we could locate someone familiar with the Skull Elves and could help her understand her power. An impressive discovery to be sure!

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Mystery Chocolate Drink

Today as a dark wind howled outside the Guild Hall walls, the Lady Commander of Copics and I were huddled inside, nestled deep in a pile of furs. It was a sure sign that winter was coming. I went to the kitchens to prepare some hot cocoa for us and was surprised to see a penguin bustling around, already making the chocolatey drinks.
“Who..who... are you?” I stammered.  
The penguin looked up and smiled, not saying a word, and then went about preparing the beverages. I looked to Olga, the head house gnome, who was standing against the wall nervously wringing her apron in her little hands.
“If he wants to make some cocoa, I see no harm in that, mi’lady,” she said shrugging. 
This card was created for the Creative Card Crew “Christmas Joy” challenge that is happening now. Make a Christmas project for a chance to win a prize from our sponsors!
I4RR8V0RUFh68-6iWEov-PikWajS4XhieyRXfMQsMkymp4fY_D1HrbUY541Lv1pjFUwget91NxHztf0RT7PuJxYI4E6QxV240cE7vtQnEU9aKaZ6hGEqbRZE7dj0gpezqA Image%2BThat!.png

I started this card by printing out the penguin cocoa image from Imagine That. The papers were all from the Lawn Fawn Peace Joy Love paper pack. The sentiment was stamped using the Lawn Fawn “Snow Day” set. This actually went together fairly fast, earning me +66 speed XP. 

The envelope I stamped using the Dylusions “Christmas Borders” set and then quickly coloured with Distress Markers.

This card will warm up the following challenges:
After the hot beverages were ready, the rotund penguin brought them to my sister and I by the fire. He then waved and left out the front door without a word.
“Well that was odd,” I muttered.
“What’re you complaining about, Sister?” Angela said, sipping her hot chocolate. “This is the best cocoa I’ve ever had!”
We never did find out where the bird came from or how he got in the Guild Hall kitchens without anyone noticing. The Lady Commander was right though, he did make some delicious hot chocolate!

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Saturday, 1 November 2014

A Hoof is a Hoof

Today the Guardian of Glitter and I travelled north to the snow covered region of Arctic Flurries. We had received a message from Mr. Claus asking if we would be able to locate a replacement reindeer for his team this year. Apparently one of the deer had sustained an injury and was not expected to make a full recovery in time for the upcoming Winter Festival. Nikki and I searched Arctic Flurries, using locating spells and fire potions to keep warm, and were unable to locate any reindeer. We did happen upon a rather amicable moose though. 

I started this card by stamping the moose and his hat using the Lawn Fawn “Critters in the Arctic” set. They were water coloured with Distress Markers and my Hydrabrush of +90 wetness and then die cut using the coordinating die set. The birch trees were stamped using the Lawn Fawn “Joy to the Woods” set and also water coloured. I die cut some snowflakes using the Lawn Fawn “Stitched Snowflakes” die set, earning me +777 die cutting XP, allowing me to level up!

As you can see, the center portion of this card is clear, obtained from packaging I had saved: -50 hoarder XP points! The sentiment was stamped using the Bug Bites “Mistletoe” set. 

This card moose be entered into the following challenges:

I wondered how picky the fat man was of the hoofed animals pulling his sleigh. The moose we met seemed rather eager to at least audition for the task. The Guardian of Glitter and I, already cold and tired from our long search, decided to give it a try and lead the friendly moose towards the North Pole to meet with Mr. Claus.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~