Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Rainy Jaunt

Salutations fellow adventurers. Things have been rather hectic at the Guild Hall lately, leaving little time for recreation. Today I had to head to the village for more crafty supplies which we needed to complete some outstanding quests. To shield myself from the rain, I donned my rain gear and wielded my umbrella, increasing my dry stats. I was almost to the market square when the rain suddenly stopped and the sun began to peek through the grey clouds. 

This card was created for the reminder about the Just Some Lines April challenge which is happening now. Our theme this month is “Think Spring”. Come play along using a JSL image for your chance to win!

I started this card by colouring the Just Some Lines “Emo Amber Springtime Set” using Prismacolor pencils. The background I coloured with Distress Ink, earning +30 blending XP points. The sentiment was stamped using a Unity stamp.
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This was a fortuitous turn in the weather as now I wouldn’t have to carry the supplies back in the rain and risk them being ruined with water. On the downside, I did start to overheat on the way back with my heavy rain gear. I suppose you can’t win ‘em all.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Monday, 7 April 2014

Spring Fae Try To Ruin The Day

Greetings and welcome to the Guild Hall. Today the temperatures soared to record heights and it seems as though Spring may have finally come to stay. As I was cleaning the grounds, which were finally clear of snow, I was visited by a Spring fairy. She appeared suddenly, sitting upon the fence post swinging her legs and twirling her butterfly umbrella. I do not trust the fae, as they usually have something sinister planned, so I kept my eye on her while going about my business. 

This card was made for the Creative Card Crew “Spring” challenge that is happening now. Make a project that says spring and come play along with us for your chance to win a prize from our sponsors!
 7dO3TljX5cmTATmSSrE4z6Uo0LnJFawD74669H8Qt9VHUgenv-EkKSC4_2ttDvOKbHV31SYaB1fQlgTJC-qtT1u2z-BuQhHxik4GOUMJjcltsvf0FcmO__zvxA LSS_Anastasia+with+Poppies.png
I started this card by colouring the Lacy Sunshine “Emily's Monarch Butterfly Umbrella” image using my Prismacolor pencils and carefully cutting her out. The sentiment I stamped using the My Creative Time “Wow! So Many Candles” set. I don’t usually use flowers on my projects, but I received those two as a “bonus gift” in one of my Unity stamp orders and thought with that orangey coloured brad they matched this project, so decided to slap those on there, earning myself +111 floral XP points.

On the inside I used some leftovers of the paper I cut for the front and stamped the sentiment using the Crafty Secrets “Glamour Girls” set.

The envelope was stamped with a butterfly from my vast Unity collection. I quickly added some colour to it using Distress Markers and my waterbrush.

This card will spring into the following challenges:

After about fifteen minutes she called out to me, “You seem thirsty. Perhaps you would like a refreshing beverage after all that hard work.”
“No thank you, fairy,” I replied, knowing better than to accept food or drink from a member of the fae.
She stared at me hard, her green eyes boring into mine. With a scowl, she disappeared, perhaps upset she didn’t find a victim for her trickery today.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Long Overdue to Find That Blade!

After leaving the random (but delicious) sushi restaurant in the middle of the Frostling Forest, our bellies now full of fish and rice, the Lady Commander of Copics and I continued our search for the trolls’ hideout where we would hopefully find the legendary Sapphire Glass Blade. After walking for about thirty minutes, we spotted a lass, tearing through the forest as though a death demon was hot on her heels. Looking behind her as she ran, the hooded girl failed to see us and crashed right into my sister, sending the basket she was holding flying out of her hands.
“What is the trouble, girl?” I inquired, my hand moving the the hilt of my blade.
“W-w-w-wolf,” she sputtered, breathing hard. 

I started this card by doing something I’ve never done before and stamping the Kraftin’ Kimmie “Little Red Riding Hood” image onto paper that was torn *gaaaaaaaaaasp* out of a book. I know, I know...but do not fret. I purchased the book for only one dollar at a book fair with the intention of using its pages for crafty endeavours. I coloured her up using Prismacolor pencils, not blending with Gamsol for fear of smearing the words. I do like how she turned out in the end. I then stamped the library card using the Lawn Fawn “Check This Out” set and stamped the words on it with the “Smitty’s ABCs” set. I also stamped the sentiment and the date stamp image using the “Check This Out” set. Riding Hood looked a little lonely, so I stamped the fox using the Lawn Fawn “Critters in the Forest” set and coloured him with Prismacolor pencils as well.

On the inside I stamped the first sentiment using the Lawn Fawn “Science of Love” set and the second one using the My Pink Stamper “Birthday Crazy” set. I stamped and die cut the cute bird from the “Science of Love” set and then stamped some books for her to stand on using the Unity “Love is in the Pages” itty bitty.

I also stamped those same books on the envelope to tie everything together and earn me +499 wisdom XP points.

This card will be entered before it’s overdue for the following challenges:
Lawnscaping Challenge #79: Try a New Technique (stamping and colouring on a book page)

I was fairly confident the Lady Commander and I could handle a measly wolf and decided to see if the girl had come across the trolls we sought while she was fleeing through the woods.
“I do remember seeing some strange creatures about one league back that way,” she replied gesturing behind her. It was the best lead we had, so bidding the girl farewell we continued in the direction she had indicated, eager to obtain the Sapphire Glass Blade.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Can't Quest When You're Soy Hungry!

We trudged through the snow, following the map Fluffa had provided to the Frostling Forest. It wasn’t long before I could see it’s foreboding pines in the distance, peeking through the falling snow. Fluffa’s map only went to the forest entrance; the trolls’ hideout we would have to find on our own. As we entered the woods, the Lady Commander of Copics and I drew our weapons, not knowing what to expect. After an hour of walking we started to see footprints in the snow that did not look like forest animals. Thinking we were nearing the trolls’ lair, we followed the tracks. Eventually we came to a clearing where a single building stood. The building looked like it was from the far eastern realm of Aziana. My sister and I entered the strange building, hoping that whomever resided there would be able to give us directions to the trolls. Upon opening the door we were shocked to see a bustling restaurant. 

I started this super kawaii card by cutting the card base and inside panels out using the Art Philosophy cartridge. I then stamped the images from the Lawn Fawn “Let’s Roll” set onto watercolour paper and coloured them using Distress Ink and my Hydrabrush of +80 wetness. The top sentiment I created using the Lawn Fawn “Harold’s ABCs” set while the bottom one came from the “Let’s Roll” set.

On the inside I created the sentiment using the “Harold’s ABCs” set as well as a Unity stamp. I stamped the cute maki onto some watercolour paper and coloured them using the same technique as the images on the front. This card earned me +9999 SUPER KAWAII XP POINTS, which allowed me to level up!!

The envelope was stamped with images from the “Let’s Roll” set and quickly coloured with Distress Markers. I made this card for the Lady Commander's birthday which was last Thursday :)

This card will roll into the following challenges:

I had no idea where all these people had come from, but almost every table was full and there were staff hustling to and fro. A man dressed in a silk happi approached us clutching an armful of menus.
“Table for two?” he asked, eyeing our weapons.
I looked at the sushi and maki people were enjoying and my stomach rumbled. “I could eat,” the Lady Commander said beside me.
I nodded to the waiter and he showed us to a table. The quest for the Sapphire Glass Blade could wait another hour. Who can treasure hunt on an empty stomach anyways?

Continued in Long Overdue to Find That Blade...

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Snow Bunny Knows the Trouble I've Seen...

Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I travelled to the far north, where the land is perpetually covered in snow, in search of the mystical Sapphire Glass Blade. This blade is said to give the wielder not only a +300 to their damage, but also a +250 colouring bonus whilst crafting. We could not pass up the chance to obtain such a legendary item. Unfortunately the further north we went, the worse the weather became and soon we were lost in a blizzard. I was just about to cast an escape spell to take us back to the Guild Hall, thus giving up on our quest, when a pair of snow bunnies came by. She could tell we were lost and offered to take us back to their village to wait out the storm. 

I started this ATC by stamping the Kraftin’ Kimmie “Let’s Go For a Ride” image onto some watercolour paper and colouring it using my Distress Markers and Hydrabrush of extreme wet blendiness. The sentiment came from the Kraftin’ Kimmie “Maxwell Snowboarding” image. 

I then stamped some snowflakes using the Lawn Fawn “Let It Snow” set and heat embossed them. Last I used a snow marker on the fluffy parts of the bunnies’ jackets and boots. This is the first time I’ve used this product and I like how it looks, but it’s hard to spread evenly on watercolour paper. I did manage to earn +60 XP points from using it though.

This ATC will sled into the following challenges:

The snow bunnies are a peaceful group, living in seclusion in the far reaches of the north. They are not so secluded that they hadn’t heard of the Sapphire Glass Blade. The bunny who had found us, Fluffa, sketched us a map to the last known location of the blade - a hostile clan of trolls who reside deep within the Frostling Forest. Looks like we were going troll hunting.

The quest continues in Can’t Quest When You’re Soy Hungry...

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hop Across the Pond

Yesterday we received a surprise visit at the Guild Hall. One of the humabbits my lord husband and I discovered last year whilst exploring the Peeled Paint Port had made his way all the way to our realm to celebrate the Spring Festival! I hadn’t realized we’d made that much of an impression on their clan. He was clearly tired from his long journey overseas, especially since he had hauled a massive Spring Festival egg with him the whole way, so I set  him up in a spare room in the Guild Hall where he immediately fell asleep.

This card was created for the Just Some Lines April challenge which started today. Our theme this month is Easter/Spring. Come play along using a JSL image for your chance to win!

I started this card by colouring the Just Some Lines “Emo Little Boy Easter Egg Peeker” image using Prismacolor pencils for the boy and Distress Inks for the egg. 
I also sprayed the egg with Dylusions white spray ink and a Tim Holtz stencil to make some subtle spots on it. (It was extremely hard to photograph this). The sentiment I stamped using the Lawn Fawn “Jessie’s ABCs” set.

On the inside I used the Unity “Good Egg, Bad Egg” kit for the sentiment and the image.

I managed to dig deep into my stash and find a stamp that was the exact same shape as that flower brad to use on the envelope. I have no idea what company that stamp is from (I want to say Fiskars) as it is in one of my stamp binders and unlabelled. 

This card will peek into the following challenges:

Upon waking this morning I was shocked to see that all the rocks and boulders surrounding the Guild Hall had been decorated to look like Spring Festival eggs. I was delighted with all the rainbowy colours and went outside to get a closer look. I spotted our visitor sitting next to a “blank” boulder, surrounded by paints and brush in hand. I smiled and left him to it, excited to see what else he would decorate for the upcoming festival.

~ Guild Master Crystal ~

Friday, 4 April 2014

Sales Aren't Sucking

Today the Lady Commander of Copics and I headed into town as we heard there was a new candy vendor setting up in the market square and were eager to sample his wares. As we neared the square, we saw a large group of people clustered around something and we were sure we had found the new vendor.
“Don’t you think it’s strange that all the people clustered around the sweets seller are men? I hardly see any children,” my sister remarked as we walked towards the group. She was right - there was an unusual amount of men in the crowd. In fact, it was nearly all men. As we nudged our way through the throng it soon became clear why. 

I started this card by die cutting a fancy shape using the Art Philosophy cartridge and then stamping the Kraftin’ Kimmie “Lola Lollipop” image. I coloured her up using my Prismacolor pencils of +99 rainbow strength. I really like how her hair turned out, and it earned me +129 stylist XP points. I then stamped around the edges with an Inkadinkado floral image. I stamped the big lollipop and sentiment using the Unity “Sucks to Get Old” itty bitty, paper piecing the sucker.

On the inside I printed the sentiment off my computer, taking it from the depths of my brain. I then stamped the corners with a stamp from the Unity July 2012 Kit of the Month.

The envelope was stamped with the same Inkadinkado image that I stamped around the edges of Lola Lollipop to tie everything together.

This card will lick the following challenges:

This particular candy vendor was employing a rather unusual marketing tactic, having a beautiful woman sensually sucking on the lollipops he was selling. Men were crowded around and lining up to buy the overpriced sweets on a stick.
I shook my head at the buffoons, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

~ Guild Master Crystal ~